Marking Products

We are the proud manufacturer of the original P3000, now replaced by the P5000 with:

Marking window:

- Direct marking
- permanent marking
- Marking of plates in series
- Unique identifier and traceability
- Markings compliant with ISO, automotive, aeronautical, military and defence standards et


Start marking the moment your machine is out of the box!The IMPACT is a totally standalone machine with onboard traceability software.

Its intuitive touch interface makes it easy to configure and master.

So it facilitates the development of a unique identification system for your workpieces and reduces the risk of error.

The IMPACT capitalises on long experience in the field of industrial traceability


With the motorised Z axis, it has never been so easy to adjust the Z axis. The I-Sense function detects the surface of the workpiece, automatically adjusts the height of the Z axis and starts marking with no intervention on the part of the operator.Several adjustment modes are available: automatic mode (I-Sense), programmable mode and normal mode, which allows manual adjustment by means of buttons located on the side of the machine.


A perfect result every time!The IMPACT features DDC™ (Dynamic Dot Control) technology.This enables automatic adjustment of point density according to the required size and depth of marking. Your markings are visible and of high quality, irrespective of your application. Two adjustment modes available: automatic and manual.


- Marking field           100 x 120 mm
- Technology     :     >Pneumatic or Electromagnetic
- Z axis     :     Motorised or Manual (basic version)
- Z travel     :     300 mm>
- Character height     :     0.5 - 100 mm
- Marking applications     :     Texts, logos, 2D codes (DataMatrix, QR codes etc.)
- Communication     :     Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, USB, FTP, dedicated Inputs/Outputs
- Power supply     :      Universal: 100-240 V AC
- Material hardness     :     ≤ 62 HRC (marks most metals)
- Weight & dimensions (l x w x h)     :     26 kg - 430.9 x 270 x 704 mm
- Software     :     T08 - onboard softwar